Chapter 131: Zi Yue

Chapter 131: Zi Yue

“As expected…”

After hearing these words, Lin Dong laughed bitterly in his heart. He did not expect that he would be in such great demand, just a while ago, he was recruited by the Thousand Gold Association to aid in the Celestial Dan Pool battle with the Blood Wolf Gang. Now, he was once again invited by grandmaster Yan to participate in the Tower Battle.

In the previous Celestial Dan Pool affair, he had already offended the Blood Wolf Gang. The Tower Battle this time was a clash between the Symbol Master Guilds of two cities, this practically represented all the Symbol Masters in both cities. Compared to the Celestial Dan Pool fight, this Tower Battle was clearly going to be a lot more thorny.

“Grandmaster, this young one has only cultivated in Mental Energy for a short period, it is somewhat inappropriate for me to participate in such an important matter right?”

Lin Dong considered his words as he carefully spoke. If it was any normal person asking, he would straightaway reject, however, grandmaster Yan was after all someone he was indebted to. Thus, it was not easy for him to reject.

“Though the amount of time you’ve spent cultivating Mental Energy is not considered long, your ability...

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