Chapter 130: Tower Battle

Chapter 130: Tower Battle

“Is this grandmaster Yan’s residence…”

Lin Dong stood outside a seemingly ordinary courtyard as he stared in surprise at the compound which did not look the least bit luxurious. For a time, he was somewhat unable to accept the fact that this was the place where the famed grandmaster Yan lived.


Beside Lin Dong, Little Flame suddenly growled deeply. Lin Dong had decided to bring it along for this trip. Even though its large size drew much attention towards them, it was still fairly tolerable. After all, there were several elite practitioners who could control Demonic Beasts in Yan City too. Therefore, most people only turned to look at Lin Dong’s majestic Fire Python Tiger with somewhat astonished gazes but did not crowd around him as he had anticipated.

Lin Dong patted Little Flame’s head as he instructed it to keep quiet. Then, he walked nearer to the courtyard and looked at the two guards, who were staring vigilantly at him, before he cupped his hands and said: “May I request for you to notify grandmaster Yan that Lin Dong requests to meet him!”

When they heard Lin Dong’s name, the two guards stared at him in astonishment. Evidently, they had...

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