Chapter 129: End of the Show

Chapter 129: End of the Show

Wei Tong was dead.

As they gazed at the body that slowly fell to the ground, everyone understood that the leader of the Blood Cloth Sect had indeed met his end in this duel arena. Furthermore, the one he had fallen to was a young man who was not even twenty years of age.

In the arena, Lin Dong’s taut nerves finally relaxed. A sweetness rose up his throat but was forcefully swallowed by Lin Dong.

The might of the advanced Yuan Dan stage had somewhat exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. Armed with his initial Yuan Dan stage strength and the Mental Energy that could match up with a third seal Symbol Master, Lin Dong had originally thought that it would not be too difficult to dispatch Wei Tong. Yet, this duel still ended up a little thrilling.

“If the advanced Yuan Dan stage is already such a pain to take care of, then how problematic would a perfect Yuan Dan Stage expert be?”

Lin Dong pursed his lips, his gaze suddenly shifting towards the stands. There, Yue Shan’s expression was ugly to the max, his fists were tightly clenched, clearly showing the rage and murderous intent inside his heart. He had also never expected that Lin Dong would so ruthlessly and cleanly deal the killing blow.

“Good, good!”

Atop the viewing platform, Yue Shan’s eyes were very dark as he somewhat...

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