Chapter 127: Fierce Battle

Chapter 127: Fierce Battle

Lin Dong ignored Wei Tong’s roar, his attention was entirely focused on controlling the vigorous Mental Energy that gathered before him. Under his urging, the undulation that the ‘Piercing Helicity’ before him emitted grew increasingly intense.

“Hummm humm!”

The ‘Piercing Helicity’ was like a hurricane as it rapidly spun, vibrating the air around it until ear-piercing shrieks could be heard.

On the arena floor, Wei Tong also had a serious expression on his face as he stared at Lin Dong, while a vigorous Yuan Power curled around the former’s body. Currently, Wei Tong had brought out the full might of the advanced Yuan Dan stage.

Wei Tong was able to sense the strength of Lin Dong’s attack, thus he did no longer held anything back as his fists slowly spread out, a vigorous and terrifying Pure Yuangang Energy swiftly condensing at his palms. In the blink of an eye, both of his fists had actually started glowing brightly as an extremely ferocious undulation spread outwards!

“Thousand Splitting Fist!”

Evidently, there were many people atop the viewing platform who knew Wei Tong rather well. When they saw his actions, they...

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