Chapter 126: Doing battle with Wei Tong

Chapter 126: Doing battle with Wei Tong

“What a smart-mouthed little brat. When I knock off all your teeth one by one later, I shall slice off your tongue too!”

Lin Dong’s casual tone had caused Wei Tong to boil with rage. No matter what, he was quite a powerful individual in Yan City. He had never expected that he would be insulted by Lin Dong in front of such a large crowd. Therefore, for Wei Tong, who was already a very petty individual, the hatred in his heart grew till the extent where he could not wait to rip Lin Dong to shreds.

“Cut the crap, we shall find out after we cross blows.” Lin Dong icily chuckled.


Wei Tong glared menacingly at Lin Dong. Suddenly, his foot jutted out as a rich Yuan Power immediately gushed out from within his body, causing his robes to writhe about while an extremely oppressive aura dripping with maliciousness filled the air.

The fact that he was able to establish such a powerful faction in Yan City indicated that Wei Tong was no fool. All these years, he had been through countless bloody battles and the skills that he continuously honed through these gruelling battles have kept him alive till now. Therefore,...

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