Chapter 1250: Eagle Sect

Now that peace had returned again, Lin Dong’s stay in the Lin Clan lasted for rather long period of time. The majority of the past eight years had been spent out in the world. Now that such a rare chance had come for his family to be reunited, he naturally wanted to spend more time with them.

He was was aware that although the current situation seemed peaceful, countless undercurrents were flowing below the surface. The Yimo that had hidden themselves for hundreds and thousands of years were now gradually revealing themselves. No one could be certain of what they would do next. Lin Dong could faintly feel a slight sense of unease. This temporarily peace was perhaps was a precursor of the storm to come.

It was exactly because of this faint unease that Lin Dong grew increasingly reluctant to leave the atmosphere created from spending time with his family.

However, what baffled Lin Dong was that Ling Qingzhu never once mentioned returning to the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace in advance. Yet, because of how much Liu Yan was fond of Ling Qingzhu such that they chatted everyday, Lin Dong did not dare to speak of it. Since they seemed to like it, he would let them be.

This peace lasted for several days, when Lin Dong was suddenly called out by Lin Xiao from his leisurely life.

“You want me to go to the Great Desolate Province? What for?” In the courtyard,...

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