Chapter 125: Deathmatch

Chapter 125: Deathmatch

The duel arena was situated slightly to the north of the city center and was also considered as one of the more popular spots in Yan City. There were tons of people in Yan City and the number of factions were too many to count. Fights were commonplace here and also a headache to the city administration. To resolve these disputes, the duel arena was born. There, no one would say anything even if you flipped the skies, which is to say that even killing would not be against the rules.

Even though this move did not manage to completely bring peace to Yan City, it was still rather effective. Furthermore, as it slowly developed, it gradually became a fairly popular venue in Yan City that many chose to settle their disputes.

When Lin Dong and the rest arrived at their destination, they were taken aback as they stared at the massive infrastructure which was at least ten times the size of monster arena in Qingyang Town. It was a long while later before they finally recovered their senses and secretly gasped in their hearts. Yan City was indeed incredible, Qingyang Town could never match up.

The duel arena was a large circular...

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