Chapter 124: Showing his Strength

Chapter 124: Showing his Strength

Since Lin Zhentian and the rest had arrived at Yan City, Lin Dong naturally needed to accompany them. Therefore, after briefly discussing their strategy at the Thousand Gold Association, they took off and returned to a manor that the Lin Family owned in Yan City. Even though the Lin Family came from Qingyang Town, they owned several small enterprises in Yan City. Thus, they evidently had a few places to lodge at.

With regards to the fact that Lin Zhentian and the rest were staying at Yan City, Lin Dong was not too worried about it. Right now, he no longer feared the Blood Cloth Sect. Furthermore, since they had established a pretty good relationship with the Thousand Gold Association, the Lin Family now had a rather solid footing in Yan City.

When the group returned to the manor, they immediately closed the manor doors, before all of them looked to Lin Dong, serious expressions on their faces.

“Dong-er, we have secretly shifted away the younger generation members of our Lin Family. Therefore, even if the Blood Cloth Sect decides to wipe us out, we can preserve...

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