Chapter 1230: Qingtan’s Problem


The two Darkness Palace elders looked at Lin Dong in astonishment. Within the bloody mist that filled the air, the latter’s smile appeared just like a devil’s. It made a chill rise inside one’s heart.


However, the shock on their faces merely lasted for an instant, before quickly transforming into ferocity as mighty Yuan Power suddenly swept out from their bodies. With a low cry, two powerful streams of Yuan Power spluttered out. They were accompanied by intense killing intent as they ruthlessly shot towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong still wore a faint smile as he looked at the both of them. He did not show any signs of attacking. However, the bodies of the two elders suddenly stiffened just as their attacks were about to reach Lin Dong.

The mightily churning Yuan Power within their bodies also froze along with their bodies as true horror finally rose into their eyes. They had discovered that they had lost control of their bodies at this moment!

This was the first time they had encountered such a situation. They had not felt so helpless even when facing the old palace master in the past.

“You… who exactly are you?!” The two elders involuntarily exclaimed with horror.

“Friend, we are from Darkness Palace. If you are willing to let us off, we will apologise...

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