Chapter 1228: Tens of Thousands of Mountains

The Xuan Region was divided into four regions. North, south, east and west. Every region was extremely vast and all of them were distinct worlds. Moreover, although all four regions were on the same continent, they were extremely far apart. Furthermore, the Xuan Region had tens of thousands of mountains that meandered from the south to the north, appearing like a huge crouching dragon, and it split the four regions apart. In addition, trying to navigate through these tens of thousands of huge mountains was not something an ordinary expert was capable of.

The Eastern Xuan Region and the Northern Xuan Region were separated by those mountains, and even fairly skilled individuals had to take two to three months in order to cross this border. Moreover, this was on the assumption that they were lucky enough not to run into the various ferocious demonic beasts within these mountains.

Moreover, those tens of thousands of large mountains were covered by fog, that was formed from natural Yuan Power, all year round. Therefore, if an unskilled individual tried to cross through, it was likely that he would only wound up getting lost before he will become one of the countless set of white skeletons within those large mountains.

Even Lin Dong was a little troubled by this journey....

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