Chapter 121: Intensive Training

Chapter 121: Intensive Training

After opening the channels of ‘Tri Sun Art’, it could only be described with the words unimpeded and free from obstruction. In a single night, Lin Dong actually managed to open eight out of twenty two channels!

This speed was simply terrifying. Before, while Lin Dong was cultivating ‘Qingyuan Art’, even he had taken months before completely opening seven channels. Yet, now, he merely used a single night to open eight channels!

Of course, the greatest contributor of such a dreadful effectiveness was naturally the Yin Yang Pearl.

With the aid of the vigorous and river-like energy of the Yin Yang Pearl, the Yuan Power inside Lin Dong’s Dantian was maintained at an abundant state practically all the time. If it was not so taxing on his mind to open the channels, Lin Dong would have likely completely opened all twenty two channels in one go!

And it was due to this state of abundant Yuan Power that Lin Dong was able to open eight channels in a single day.

As the eight channels were opened, Lin Dong gradually felt some of the benefits that came with it. Whether it was in absorbing or condensing Yuan Power, the speed of...

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