Chapter 1201: Payback Begins

Amidst tensed stares from countless Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples, as well as mocking stares from various Yuan Gate experts, Lin Dong slowly stepped forward. Finally, he slowly stopped on that cracked ground before he lifted his head to look at Lu Feng. Immediately, he parted his lips and formed a smile. However, his smile was filled with endless murderous desire.

“Who are you? How dare you interfere in my Yuan Gate’s matters?” Lu Feng stared at Lin Dong in a gloomy and menacing manner, before he asked indifferently.

“I am here to beat you Yuan Gate dogs.” Lin Dong shook his head as he smiled. 

A cold glint flashed across Lu Feng’s eyes. He was just about to speak, when a couple of Yuan Gate elders rushed to his side and said, “First elder, that man seems to be Lin Dong from Dao Sect!”


Lu Feng was slightly startled. Then, he carefully sized Lin Dong before he ridiculed, “I was still wondering who you are. It turns out that you are actually that homeless stray who was chased out of the Eastern Xuan Region by our Yuan Gate. Why? Did you secretly return after roaming outside for three years?”

“I swore back then that I will obliterate your Yuan Gate.” Lin Dong ...

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