Chapter 120: Tri Sun Art

Chapter 120: Tri Sun Art

Lin Dong rushed to the Thousand Gold Auction House as if he was on fire and when he finally arrived, there was already a servant girl waiting for him. Once she saw him, she respectfully led him to the guest room.

Currently, there were two figures In the guest room. One of which was Xuan Su, while the other was a slightly lean and unfamiliar middle aged man who had deep-set eyes.

“This is the one who wanted to auction the Secret Art, mister Yanzhong.” Upon seeing Lin Dong rush over, Xuan Su stood up and slightly smiled as she introduced the other man.

“Are you the one who wanted to purchase my Secret Art?” Yanzhong’s eyebrow furrowed when he glanced at Lin Dong. The former clearly thought that the other party was too young.

Lin Dong smiled as he nodded his head: “May I inquire as to what tier mister Yanzhong’s Secret Art is?”

“Don’t worry, this Secret Art of mine is no ordinary one.” After hearing these words, Yanzhong proudly declared. Soon after, he fished out a thin golden tome.

“Tri Sun Art.”

When the tome was being retrieved, Lin...

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