Chapter 1184: State of the Eastern Xuan Region

An alarmingly baleful aura blasted apart the clouds. In an instant, it felt as though the surrounding temperature had plummeted. Lan Ying and the rest who were closest to Lin Dong were unable to endure such a terrifying aura. Their eyes were filled with horror as they hastily backed away with pale faces.

“Big brother.” Little Flame immediately spoke up when he saw this situation.

The baleful aura vanished little by little, while the sinister look on Lin Dong’s face also gradually faded. However, the coldness in those pitch-black eyes of his was like never-melting-ice, so cold that it could freeze one’s soul.

“Miss Lan Ying, could I trouble you to show us the way? We must immediately return to the Great Yan Empire.” Lin Dong looked towards Lan Ying and said.

“Okay.” Lan Ying took a look at the Celestial Empire’s royal clan members behind her, before she nodded her head.

“Don’t worry miss Lan Ying, I will send men to escort these clan members to a safe place.” Lin Dong immediately declared. He was after all aware of Lan Ying’s apprehensions.

“Then I’ll have to thank you.”

Only then did Lan Ying sigh in relief, before she gratefully thanked him. Given Lin Dong’s current status and power, these words of his would definitely...

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