Chapter 1180: War

Seated on a stone platform, a young man slowly opened his eyes. His pitch-black pupils were as deep as the night sky. Meanwhile, there was faint Reincarnation Will flowing deep within his eyes. At the same time, indescribable ripples were being emitted and they seemingly formed an extremely profound scene at his back.

When he first opened his eyes, he had yet to fully awaken. It was a moment later, before he finally regained clarity in his sight. As he looked at the dust covering his body, he gently smiled. After which, he jerked his body. Immediately, luster flickered over those dust, before they all rose up. They looked just like tens of thousands of glowing spots and it was an extremely dazzling sight.


A somewhat gentle voice was transmitted from beside him. Lin Dong lifted his head before he saw an attractive and delicate figure. Meanwhile, her silver long hair came pouring down like a river, and she looked extremely dazzling.

At this moment, Kun Ling had a calm expression on her pretty face. Meanwhile, ripples were emitted from within her eyes, causing her to appear extremely alluring. Moreover, there was also Reincarnation Will, similar to that of Lin Dong, flowing within her eyes. Clearly, she had gained just as much as Lin Dong did, from this inheritance.

“Thank you for your help, Miss...

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