Chapter 118: Sinecure and Expenses

Chapter 118: Sinecure and Expenses

The huge group rushed back to Yan City after a rewarding trip. Due to the fact that they had quite a bountiful harvest, the atmosphere surrounding them was rather jovial. While they were journeying back, Xia Wanjin inquired about Lin Dong’s origins, with a hidden intention of roping him in.

Towards Xia Wanjin’s interest in him, Lin Dong slightly thought about it and did not straightaway reject it. Since he had aided the Thousand Gold Association in defeating the Blood Wolf Gang, given the latter’s style and mannerisms, it was likely that they would hold a grudge against him. Hence, at this juncture, fostering a close relations to one of the other top factions in Yan City, the Thousand Gold Association, was undoubtedly a wise decision.

Thus, he did not hide his origins. After all, with the Thousand Gold Association’s power, they would find out after a little investigation.

“The Lin Family of Qingyang Town?”

After hearing that Lin Dong was from the Lin Family of Qingyang Town, Xia Wanjin did not react much while Xuan Su was a little surprised. Soon after, she covered her mouth and let out a laugh: “The Yang Yuan Stones that were recently sold by the Lin Family were...

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