Chapter 1157: Stunned

“You lost.”

When Lin Dong’s voice spread across the sky, the originally quiet arena gradually turned into an uproar. Many people quietly parted their lips as they tried their best to calm the shock in their hearts.

No one expected the result to appear so quickly.

Initially, they thought that this fight would drag on for awhile before the victor was decided. However, reality taught them the meaning of the word “decisive”.

“We… lost.”

The stunned expressions on the faces of the Zhou Yi duo lasted for quite awhile before they gradually recovered their senses. Exchanging glances with each other, they realized that both their faces were a little pale. However, they eventually nodded before they painfully admitted their defeats. 

“Such overbearing Mental Energy.”

When the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group saw the final result, a grave expression surfaced in their eyes. Previously, Lin Dong had used his full strength when he attacked. However, the might of that sword attack caused them, who were merely bystanders, to feel their bodies turn cold. Moreover, they knew that if that attack was directed towards them, it was likely that they would be severely injured even if they could block it.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio lifted their heads and looked at the skinny figure in the sky. There was a complicated emotion...

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