Chapter 1156: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

An uproar erupted in the fighting arena because of Lin Dong’s words. In fact, even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest were stunned as they stared at Lin Dong. After all, they clearly knew how powerful the Zhou Yi duo was. At the very most, they could only match up to them in a one on one fight. Therefore, although Lin Dong’s fighting strength was comparable to a Samsara stage expert, wasn’t it a little of a stretch for him to fight against the two of them by himself?

Regardless, the current Lin Dong was merely at the advance Profound Death stage.

Little Flame was also taken back by Lin Dong’s words. However, he merely glanced at Lin Dong and did not speak up. Although he felt some queries in his heart, his trust in Lin Dong remained unwavering.

“Brother Lin Dong, do you mean… you wish to fight against the both of us by yourself?” Currently, Zhou Yi had a strange expression. He naturally knew that Lin Dong had an extraordinary fighting strength. In fact, he was able to match up to a Samsara stage expert even though he was merely at the peak advance Profound Death stage. In fact, Zhou Yi was not even confident that he could defeat Lin Dong in a one on one fight. However, to fight the both of them by himself, isn’t Lin Dong getting a little too arrogant?


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