Chapter 1155: Suppress

Killing intent shrouded the sky, and it felt as if the temperature had drastically fallen. Fear was revealed on the faces of the previously merrily laughing group, while the smiles on their faces had finally disappeared. Originally, they had thought that with the two leaders bringing them to join Four Titans Palace, the latter would definitely lower themselves and try to welcome them. Yet, the scene before them now… 

It seemed that Four Titans Palace did not feel that they must absolutely have the Zhou Yi duo join them like the latter had imagined.

The Zhou Yi duo were also startled because of this sudden turn of events. Soon after, they lifted their heads to look at the two unfamiliar figures in the air and frowned slightly. Clearly, they did not know the identities of these two.

“Big brother!”

However, just as fury was rising in their hearts, Little Flame’s joyous voice stunned them. Their eyes flashed, and only then did they look a this young skinny figure with surprise. Other than that rarely seen Lin Dong, there was no one else Commander Yan of Four Titans Palace would call big brother.

In the air, Lin Dong smiled at Little Flame. After which, he landed on the ground.

“Ha ha, brother Lin Dong,...

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