Chapter 1153: Out

The vast and mighty Mental Energy, which pervaded the land, persisted for a while before it finally began to pull back like a receding tide. Within a short span of several breaths, the land regained its silence once more.

In a certain cave within the Heavenly Cave, Lin Dong’s eyes, which had been tightly shut for a long time, slowly opened. No light surged within those pitch-black eyes. The only things within them was an abstruse night like feeling and a blankness from not having adapted to his surroundings.

The light within the quiet cave appeared rather gentle while the fresh smell of soil penetrated the smooth cave walls. Such tranquility made one subconsciously relax. 

However, this tranquil atmosphere felt extremely foreign as he stared at it. Although his appearance had not changed, the expression surging within his eyes made it seem as if he had been cut off from this world.

Only three months had passed in the outside world. However, Lin Dong had spent over a decade within the lonely Purgatory… this was not a short period of time. During these ten years, he had not rested as he was constantly struggling within the cruel Purgat...

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