Chapter 1151: Guardian

A yellow sand cloud seemed to cover the sky as it descended, obscuring one’s sight. Lin Dong quietly stood within the yellow dust. His eyes penetrated through the sandy fog and focused on a certain spot.

There was a sharpness, which had not appeared for a long time, in the eyes under his black hair.

No unusual ripples emerged in the area after Lin Dong’s voice sounded. However, his expression did not change. He continued to stare unwavering at that certain empty spot.

Since a long time ago, he had vaguely felt that there was some other existence in this lonely ‘Purgatory’ during his training. However, that feeling was previously extremely obscure. With the rise in his Mental Energy cultivation, that feeling had finally become clearer.

That hidden existence appeared to be quite frightening.

However, Lin Dong also understood that he needed to defeat that hidden guardian in order to leave this place. Otherwise, he would have to stay in this place forever until even his body completely decomposed.

“The trials here are already useless against me. Therefore, you should personally take action.” Lin Dong lifted his head while excitement surged within his black eyes.

“Buzz buzz!”

This time, there was finally some response...

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