Chapter 1130 - It's Over


The land continuously collapsed while it trembled. In a couple of breaths, a ten thousand feet large deep black hole had appeared in the plains below. Meanwhile, there were huge cracks at the edge of the dark hole and they grew like a spiderweb…

Countless onlookers were staring at this scene, which was taking place right in front of them. Promptly, their heartbeats increased violently. After which, they suddenly lifted their heads to look at the only figure still standing in the sky.

That figure was skinny yet fearsome. He was Lin Dong!

However, Lin Dong currently looked extremely miserable. The flesh on both of his arms were completely stripped and only his bare bones remained. Meanwhile, there were jade colour bones protruding on the surface of his body and more than half of the flesh on his body had vanished.

Fortunately, Lin Dong’s internal organs were protected by his Primal Dragon Bone. As a result, they were not eroded by the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light. Nonetheless, Lin Dong was still severely wounded!


Heavy and chaotic breaths were emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. His body was also tremblingly slightly owing to the intense pain from having his flesh stripped. His originally sharp and fearsome aura had became extremely weary,...

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