Chapter 113: Blood Transformation Art

Chapter 113: Blood Transformation Art

A bloody mist continuously sprayed out from Jiang Li’s body. In the end, this blood mist slowly pulled back and condensed to form a thin blood-red layer on surface of Jiang Li’s body. Both his palms were also wrapped in a layer of blood and at the tip of his fingers, sharp-pointed ends made of blood protruded out as they glimmered with a cold light.

These transformations were completed in a very brief period and when the bloody mist had all gathered and condensed into a layer of blood, Jiang Li’s aura once again continued to soar under the shocked gazes of the crowd.

The current Jiang Li was already at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. Another leap in power after this stage would be Initial Yuan Dan Stage. A level that is entirely different from that of the Heavenly Yuan Stage!

“This is…” Xuan Su’s pretty face looked towards Jiang Li as his body was slowly being surrounded by a layer of blood. As if something had suddenly struck her, a trace of astonishment flashed into her eyes.

“Blood Coversion Art.” To one side, Xia Wanjin said in a low voice.

“Blood Transformation...

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