Chapter 1129: Fearsome

Chapter 1129: Fearsome

Nine color light rays spread across the sky like floodwater. Wherever those light rays passed by, the natural Yuan Power would vanish in a peculiar fashion. It looked as though they were vaporized by those light rays.

Countless pairs of eyes stared solemnly at the sky and there was a tinge of fear in their eyes. After all, they could feel that even a Samsara stage expert would have to pay quite a heavy price, in order to deal with Luo Tong’s attack. Yet, Lin Dong actually dared to face it head on. He was simply far too arrogant.

“He was actually struck by the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light…”

Joy as well as a vicious expression appeared on the faces of Teng Feng’s group when they saw this scene. After all, they clearly knew how powerful the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light was. In fact, it was a powerful skill that was unique to the Nine Phoenix tribe. That peculiar light would follow members of the Nine Phoenix tribe ever since they were born. Moreover, the purer one’s bloodline was, the stronger the Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light one had. It was even rumoured that during the ancient times, there was once an ultimate expert from the Nine Phoenix tribe, who managed to vaporize all life within a five thousand kilometre radius, using his Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light.

The Nine...

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