Chapter 1127: Intense Fight With Luo Tong

Chapter 1127: Intense Fight With Luo Tong


A clear dragon roar erupted from within Lin Dong’s body. Subsequently, it reverberated across the sky. Bright green light enveloped around the surface of his body, before a powerful pressure radiated from him.

“Dragon tribe martial arts?

A slight tinge of shock flashed across Luo Tong’s eyes after he heard that dragon roar. Promptly, he shook his head. It’s no wonder this brat was so arrogant. He had actually learnt Dragon tribe martial arts. However, did he really think that he could act haughtily in front of him because of this?

“Even if a genuine Dragon tribe elder is standing in front of me today, he would not dare to be as arrogant as you. You are only a human who has learnt Dragon tribe martial arts. What gives you the qualifications to act so haughtily?”

Luo Tong let out a cold ridicule. His eyes were dense and cold. Soon after, he clenched his large hand. Immediately, brilliant Yuan Power gathered in the sky like floodwaters. In a few breaths’ time, they transformed into a huge brilliant pair of glowing wings. The edge of these wings were covered with sawteeth and even the space itself began to tremble as the...

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