Chapter 1126: Final Round

Chapter 1126: Final Round


Teng Shan’s body was pathetically embedded in the ground while deep cracks spread in all directions. The entire place was in a stunned state. Many pairs of eyes were filled with a great shock as they observed this scene.

Teng Shan had actually lost?

Everyone looked to each other and saw the unconcealable shock in each other’s eyes. Who could have imagined that the Black Tortoise Pillar wielding Teng Shan, who was famous for his defence, would have his defence blasted apart by Little Flame in a direct clash.

This was something that those super experts, who were also at the Samsara stage, had difficulty achieving.

“Commander Yan is so powerful!

The silence continued for a long time, before someone finally regained his wits and involuntarily praised in his heart. Little Flame had beaten a Samsara stage super expert with his perfect Profound Death stage strength. This news would likely cause Little Flame’s name to spread far and wide.

“He actually won?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio were also dumbstruck. Soon after, their expressions quickly became unusually strange. None of them had...

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