Chapter 1125: Divine Hammer Clashes Against Black Tortoise

Chapter 1125: Divine Hammer Clashes Against Black Tortoise


Little Flame slowly stepped forward under the attentive gazes that seemed to fill the entire sky. Soon after, his feet pushed off the ground and his metal tower like figure shot across the sky before landing heavily onto the stage.


Waves of low roars abruptly erupted from the Tiger Devouring Army when Little Flame moved. Soon after, all of them sat down. As they breathed, majestic and vast black light spread in the air, giving off an intimidating and terrifying aura.

Little Flame’s face was icy. His foot heavily stomped, causing the ground to shake as the monstrous black light zipped towards him. Finally, it turned into many rays of light which entered his body.


As this vast and mighty energy poured into Little Flame, his originally powerful looking body swelled to several times its size. Green veins pulsed on the surface of his skin like horned dragons while waves of explosive power rippled.

The present Little Flame had merged with the aura of the Tiger Devouring Army and his strength was now comparable to a Samsara stage expert.

There was a relatively tremendous gap between the perfect Profound Death...

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