Chapter 1123: Sky Battle Arena

Chapter 1123: Sky Battle Arena

Five individuals hovered in midair. After which, the surrounding din seemed to have died down a little at a time. Those eyes, which were looking at these figures, were filled with rich respect and fear. Clearly, Mang Mountain posed a greater deterrence as compared to the newly formed “Four Titans Palace”.

Amidst this silence, Lin Dong was observing those five individuals. Four of them were wearing blood red gowns and their faces were filled with haughtiness and arrogance. However, the faint yet frightening ripples radiating from their bodies, made others aware that they indeed possess the qualifications to act in this arrogant fashion.

In between the four of them, was a man wearing green clothes. That man had both his hands behind his back and he was quite handsome. His brows did not hold the same arrogance as the other four. However, as he stood amongst the four of them, he displayed an unique and noble aura. In fact, the four of them paled in comparison when compared to him.

Clearly, amongst the five kings of Mang Mountain, he should be Mysterious King Luo Tong. A top expert who came from the Nine Phoenix tribe.

The Nine Phoenix tribe was also an overlord tribe, which had originated...

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