Chapter 1122: Demonic Beast Ancient Plains

Chapter 1122: Demonic Beast Ancient Plains

Three days swiftly passed by amidst this extremely heated atmosphere. The commotion that was created, because of the fact that four of the largest factions in the Beast War Region had formed an alliance, was continuously accumulating. Finally, it caused the atmosphere of the entire Beast War Region to turn boiling hot.

Although this alliance would inevitably be disadvantageous to certain factions, the three great Demon Commanders’ factions were still in charge of this region. Therefore, under their instruction, the formation of this alliance, which was also forced by circumstances, became an immutable fact.

The only thing that they had to worry about was the Sky Battle Arena held by “Mang Mountain”. If this newly formed “Four Titans Palace” was able to survive this storm, it would be truly able to tower over the Beast War Region and squeeze into the ranks of the top tier factions in the Demonic Beast World.

On the other hand, if they failed, this so called alliance would become nothing but a joke. At that time, half of the Beast War Region would also be taken over by the “Mang Mountain”. Moreover, the four great factions will...

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