Chapter 1121 - Four Titans Palace

The atmosphere within the hall became relaxed after the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio nodded. Standing at the side, Chen Tong and the rest stared at Lin Dong with a stunned expression on their faces. After all, they didn’t expect that Lin Dong was actually able to convince the three top factions, who have dominated the Beast War Region for decades, in less than an hour’s time…

As natives of the Beast War Region, they were well aware of how chaotic this place was. Evidently, it was no easy task to unify this region. The biggest obstacle was naturally the three great Demon Commanders. Yet, this biggest obstacle was shattered by Lin Dong’s smiling words alone.

Gaining their approval meant that it was genuinely possible to unify the Beast War Region!

Therefore, one can easily imagine that after the union was completed, a new and powerful faction will be born in the Beast War Region. Moreover, that faction would definitely surpass any other faction that has ever existed in the Beast War Region. In fact, it would possess a solid reputation even when placed in the entire Demonic Beast World.

“He is indeed lord Lin Dong.”

Chen Tong’s group quietly exchanged glances with each other. They could see shock and marvel in each...

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