Chapter 1120: Cooperation

Chapter 1120: Cooperation

“Unite the Beast War Region?”

In the great hall, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio were a little taken aback. Soon after, they lifted their heads and looked at the smiling Lin Dong, before speaking without any change in their expressions, “What do you mean?”

“The three of you should understand the meaning behind my words.”

Lin Dong grinned before he continued in a inattentive manner, “The Beast War Region is like loose sand, in other words, a terrible mess. The only way to fight ‘Mang Mountain’ is to gather the many factions and form an alliance. Otherwise, I’m afraid that we will not be able to resist them.”

“The Beast War Region is chaotic to begin with. How can it be so easy to unite?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander coldly snorted and voiced his thoughts.

“There are indeed many factions within the Beast War Region. However, most of them are attached to our four great factions. As long as this is our intention, the matter will be more or less decided.” Lin Dong smilingly said.

Although Deep Lightning Mountain was currently rapidly expanding, it was still far from the level that Lin Dong needed. Yet, it was pointless to be anxious in the face of this situation. After all, one might end up choking if one ate too quickly.

However, the present situation was a rather good...

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