Chapter 1119 - Mang Mountain

Beast War Region, Deep Lightning Mountain.

The current Deep Lightning Mountain was clearly a lot livelier compared to two months ago, and their headquarters had also expanded tremendously. Countless powerful auras surged within the many mountains, while troops occasionally patrolled the skies, their sharp eyes scanning every part of Deep Lightning Mountain Range.

Thanks to the fight that took place at Divine Item Mountain Range, Deep Lightning Mountain had completely established themselves in the Beast War Region. In fact, their reputation was no longer inferior to that of the three great Demon Commanders’ factions. Moreover, thanks to the ‘Mysterious Divine Palace’ that Lin Dong had obtained, they had a large number of divine objects in their hands, a fact that was sufficient to make many factions jealous. Hence, soon after the recruitment order was given, various powerful individuals came swarming over in hopes of taking advantage of this opportunity to enter Deep Lightning Mountain to obtain a divine object.

However, Deep Lightning Mountain was clearly wary of these individuals. Therefore, not only was the recruitment criteria incomparably harsh, but those recruited must provide a certain amount of contributions before they were given a divine object. This so called...

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