Chapter 1118: Departure

Chapter 1118: Departure

Punishment Elder.

Lin Dong looked at the purple-gold dragon seal on the palm of the Grand Elder of the Dragon tribe, before he turned to look at Yuan Qian’s group, who had a change in their expressions. Immediately, he came to a comprehension. It turns out this so called Punishment Elder was not just an empty title, like he had imagined.

“Grand Elder… the Punishment Elder wields huge authority. Isn’t it a little inappropriate to hand it to an outsider?” An elder involuntarily asked. The Punishment Elder held great authority. Strictly speaking, he was ranked even a little higher than these elders. In the past, this position was usually held by a reputable individual in their Dragon tribe. For example, the previous Punishment Elder was Qing Zhi. However, he subsequently retired and this position became vacant.

However, right now, this position was actually handed over to a human without any Dragon tribe bloodline. Therefore, this inevitably caused them to be bewildered.

The remaining elders exchanged glances with each other and even Yuan Qian was in a state of mild disbelief. As of now, the Grand Elder had taken the Punishment Seal out. Hence, once Lin Dong had the seal, notwithstanding...

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