Chapter 1117 - Punishment Elder

A young man hovered in midair while a warm jade color flickered on the surface of his skin. If one was to observe carefully, one would be able to see through his skin. Under his skin, was a crystal jade like skeleton.

The pressure that permeated this place originated from his skeleton.

Many individuals standing around the Dragon Transformation Pool were staring in shock at that young man. However, none of them dared to speak owing to that pressure. In fact, their faces were filled with shock, revealing the waves churning within their hearts.

Hovering in the sky, Lin Dong’s gently shut eyes also slowly opened up. Following which, the white light undulated on his skin gradually faded. Finally, it became calm once again. The pressure had disappeared completely.

Opening his eyes, Lin Dong immediately saw many pairs of eyes scattered across the mountain, staring back at him. He was startled as he quickly laughed in a dry and unnatural manner.

Standing on a mountaintop, Yuan Qian also recovered his senses at this moment. His eyes wore a complicated expression as he glanced at Lin Dong, who was hovering in the sky. After which, he turned his head and exchanged...

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