Chapter 1116: Primal Dragon Bone

Chapter 1116: Primal Dragon Bone

The strange phenomenon within the Dragon Transformation Pool continued for a full five days. Five days later, the pool gradually became peaceful again, while the faint purple-gold light reflected off the water’s surface also quietly disappeared.

Although the Dragon Transformation Pool had regained its calm, Lin Dong still did not appear. This caused Yuan Qian’s group to look forward to the outcome with impatience and expectation. They anxiously wished to know just what had occurred in the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Even though they were anxious, Lin Dong did not appear and they were also unable to charge inside to retrieve him. Therefore, all they could do was helplessly look at each other and obediently wait.

An entire month passed as they waited.

After a month, the Dragon Transformation Pool was now so calm that it was void of any ripples. The strange phenomenon from before was like the momentary blooming of an cereus flower. Meanwhile, no one surfaced from the pool.

If one counted the time, one would find that two months had passed since Lin Dong entered the Dragon Transformation Pool.


Yuan Qian stood with...

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