Chapter 1115: Fight Between Top Experts

Chapter 1115: Fight Between Top Experts

The space behind Lin Dong distorted and a black vortex slowly took shape. Soon after, a tall figure slowly stepped out from within.

The light in this place seemed to have suddenly dimmed when this figure appeared. Even the air itself begun to gather towards the figure at a shocking speed.

This figure was just like a black hole as he devoured everything around him in an overbearing fashion. The brilliant light radiating from him was also extremely glaring.

After the black hole stilled, the figure finally stood up. He was wearing long black robes and was quite handsome. Meanwhile, there was also a smile present at the corner of his mouth. His smile seemed to possess a demonic aura, that caused one to involuntarily become absent-minded. This man was just like a deep black hole as he involuntarily attracted others to him.

This man stood quietly in front of the black hole. However, his quiet demeanor caused the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor seated on the lotus stone base, to slowly reveal a grave expression in his eyes. The endlessly imposing aura that enveloped this world, was being devoured an inch at a time, by that smiling...

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