Chapter 1114: Helper

Chapter 1114: Helper

The area in the vicinity of the Dragon Transformation Pool was in an uproar. Numerous gazes on the surrounding mountains looked at the churning Dragon Transformation Pool in astonishment.

All the members of the Dragon tribe were well aware that the energy within this Dragon Transformation Pool had reached a terrifyingly high amount. Hence, the water in the pool was so viscous that it was practically unable to move. Yet, raging waves had now emerged in the Dragon Transformation Pool, which would not form even the slightest ripple even if a mountain was thrown into it.

“What is happening?”

Some of the younger generation from the Dragon tribe looked to each other. They were clearly unaware of the hidden bone burial ground in the Dragon Transformation Pool. Additionally, they had only been able to glean a minimal amount of information about the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor from ancient texts. Nevertheless, it was sufficient to cause their hearts to churn. After all, in the many years of Demonic Beast World history, only the Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor alone had managed to unite all the powerful tribes within the Demonic Beast World!

“This is…”

The extremely ancient elders around Yuan Qian no longer had...

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