Chapter 1113: Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1113: Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor

“Unified the Demonic Beast World…”

Lin Dong was dazed as he blankly stared at the jade like skeleton before him. A storm involuntarily brewed within his heart. This was because he clearly understood just how terrifying an achievement these few simple words represented.

The Demonic Beast World was obviously even more chaotic during ancient times. Various warlords reigned over their territories, while many great overlord tribes occupied the land. The accumulated resources and foundations of these tribes were clearly not inferior to the Dragon tribe. It was not a problem for the Dragon tribe to fight them as equals. However, it would definitely be wishful thinking to unify the Demonic Beast World and make these proud tribes submit.

Yet, Yan had said that when this jade skeleton was alive, he had actually managed to unify the Demonic Beast World…

Just how terrifying was such power?

“He was indeed extremely powerful. In those ancient times, amongst the eight masters, only the Ice Master and Devouring Master had no problems beating this Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor....

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