Chapter 1112: Ancient Dragon Bone

Chapter 1112: Ancient Dragon Bone

It was completely silent in this large ancient hall, which was covered by dust that had accumulated over the years. Lin Dong was startled as he stared at the many black skeletons. For a moment, he was at a loss for words. After all, he never expected that there would actually be such a mysterious place located within the Dragon Transformation Pool.

“It seems like this place is the key to obtaining an Ancient Dragon Bone…” Yan’s startled voice sounded at this moment.

Lin Dong nodded. This bone burial site was hidden within the Dragon Transformation Pool and one would have to use one’s Mental Energy in order to locate it. However, it was clearly foolish and dangerous to release one’s Mental Energy in a place like that. In fact, despite Lin Dong’s tough and tenacious character, he had nearly sunk into the darkness and completely became part of the energy within the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Only those who possess massive guts and were able to block the erosion from the sinking darkness, would finally be able to arrive at this place and obtain the opportunity to gain an Ancient Dragon...

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