Chapter 1111: Bone Burial Site

Chapter 1111: Bone Burial Site

Darkness surged. Even the concept of time seemed to have stealthily faded away in the lightless bottom of the Dragon Transformation Pool.

At a certain spot within this darkness was a figure covered in thick layers of black viscous water. The water was like sludge and tightly wrapped around the figure such that one was barely able to see the silhouette of a human within.

Endless black energy continued to pour in from all around, yet the interior of the sludge remained completely still.


This silent infusion continued for an unknown amount of time until a certain moment when the sludge finally trembled all of a sudden. A pair of flickering black eyes appeared within it.


Lin Dong opened his eyes as he let out a soft sigh in his heart. He should have already been in this Dragon Transformation Pool for over half a month. Unfortunately, ever since his bones were reconstructed and transformed into top grade Dragon Bones, the Dragon Bones within his body continued to remain at the top grade level regardless of how much energy he absorbed from this Dragon...

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