Chapter 1110: Dragon Bone Transformation

Chapter 1110: Dragon Bone Transformation

Lin Dong suddenly realized that all the noise in his surroundings completely disappeared the moment he plunged into the Dragon Transformation Pool. In fact, his vision became completely dark. With a grab of his hand, all he could feel was the viscous black water brushing past his hand.

Lin Dong’s heart also tensed up at this moment. As his senses quietened down, he realized that there were waves of indescribably wild and violent energy wildly sweeping towards him.


A soft sound appeared and Lin Dong’s shirt was instantly turned into dust. Black viscous water were just like muddy layers of soil, as they wrapped around his body.

Sizzle sizzle!

As if he could hear a deafening sound, waves of exceptionally dark energy began to surge forth before they tunneled into his body through every pore.

An intense pain immediately followed!

Lin Dong’s body tensed up. His green veins bulged and wiggled like dragons on the surface of his skin. Meanwhile, his throat emitted a painful low roar as the black energy swarmed into his body like blades. In fact, it left a mess wherever it passed and even...

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