Chapter 111: Celestial Pool Battle

Chapter 111: Celestial Pool Battle

Hearing Yue Shan’s words, Xia Wanjin merely laughed as his eyes shifted towards the approaching Xuan Su and her party. His gaze swept over them but suddenly stopped at Lin Dong’s body. Slightly stunned, he asked: “ Xuan Su, Song Qing did not come?”

“We made a last-minute switch.” Xuan Su gently smiled as she said.

Upon having heard what was said, Xia Jinshan could not help let out a bitter laugh as his eyes scanned across Lin Dong’s body. One could tell that he was slightly suspicious of this unfamiliar person.

“Father, stop looking. Even though Lin Dong isn’t very strong, at least he managed to defeat Song Qing. Therefore, it’s only natural for him to replace Song Qing.” To one side, Xia Zhilan intervened and said.

“Oh?” Xia Wanjin’s eyebrows raised before he smiled kindly towards Lin Dong. If that was the case, then it was alright.

“You all should recognize two of the three members the Blood Wolf Gang appointed, the siblings Yue Feng and Yue Ling. Currently, both of them are at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage, similar to Zhilan and Liu Yi. Thus, it’s hard to tell who would emerge victorious in the end.”

“What about the remaining one?” Xia Zhilan was not too surprised as she opened her mouth to ask.

“Rumours claim...

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