Chapter 1109: Opening of the Dragon Transformation Pool

Chapter 1109: Opening of the Dragon Transformation Pool

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

The entire Dragon tribe became much livelier when the third day arrived. That was because the opening of the Dragon Transformation Pool was a relatively major event. After all, if a rare Dragon Bone appeared, it meant that there would be another Dragon tribe member with terrifying potential and this was considered as a fairly major event for the entire Dragon tribe.

As the day finally arrived, Lin Dong felt quite excited in his heart as well. His Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was currently at a bottleneck. Hence, if he wanted to obtain a breakthrough and attain complete mastery, he must enter the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool and complete the Dragon Bone Transformation.

With Duan Tao leading the way, the both of them directly rushed towards the deepest part of the Dragon region. The area was filled with a dense, desolate aura and it was considered as a rare ancient place, which had been completely preserved since the ancient times.

Lin Dong’s body flew across the sky. His eyes appeared a little obscure as they swept across the boundless mountain depths. After...

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