Chapter 1108: Dragon Bones

Chapter 1108: Dragon Bones

“You say that you can break my Brilliant Flame Dragon Armor?”

In the air, Yan Shan revealed his eyes from under his armor as a mocking smile flitted across them. It was likely that he could not help but laugh at Lin Dong’s words. If he put all his strength in this dragon armor, he would be able to receive a blow from even a super Samsara stage expert. What could this Lin Dong use to break it?

Laughter also echoed around the square while expressions of amusement appeared in their eyes. All of them wished to see just what kind of technique Lin Dong was going to use to break this Brilliant Flame Dragon Armor that even they were helpless again?

Within the square, Lin Dong merely grinned. He ignored their doubt and laughter. His hand extended with two of his fingers sticking out like a slender short sword. Black flashes of light and a lightning arc seemed dance between his fingers.

“I’m really interested to see just how you are going to break my dragon armor!”

Yan Shan laughed loudly. His laughter was filled with pride. Quickly after, dazzling red light spread from within his body, covering the sky and land. The armor on his body sparkled and faintly looked a little translucent....

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