Chapter 1107: Yan Shan

Chapter 1107: Yan Shan

Light penetrated through the lush green tree branches and poured down on the square. It seemed to have gradually become silent because of a single sentence from that skinny young man. Those indolent youths from the Dragon tribe, standing on the tree branches around the square, turned their heads to look at that young man. There was an additional tinge of shock in their eyes.

Since Yan Shan could obtain a spot in the Dragon Transformation Pool, this demonstrated his standing amongst the Dragon tribe younger generation members. Now, this human, who was merely at the initial Profound Death stage, was actually standing in front of him as a challenger.

Regardless of the final outcome, his courage alone had already won him praises from many individuals.

Standing in the square, Yan Shan had a startled expression because of Lin Dong’s reply. He stared at Lin Dong and laughed, “It’s no wonder Lord Qing Zhi views you with such high regards.”

“I am very sorry to have snatched your spot. Nonetheless, I think that it might be best to have an enjoyable fight with you.” Lin Dong laughed. He was well aware how prideful the youths from the Dragon tribe were. However, he did not dislike them because of this....

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