Chapter 1106: A Spot

Chapter 1106: A Spot

“Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool…”

Yuan Qian and the rest stared at the brilliant smile on Lin Dong’s youthful face. Promptly, all of them were slightly startled before their expressions involuntarily turned strange. Wasn’t this a pretty substantial request?

The Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool was an important treasure of their Dragon tribe. Every time an older generation expert in the tribe was about to die, they would enter the Dragon Transformation Pool and release all their energy, turning into a skeleton in the process. Their strength would subsequently fuse into the Dragon Transformation Pool. After many years of accumulation, the energy gathered within the Dragon Transformation Pool had already reached a relatively terrifying extent.

Moreover, not everyone in the Dragon tribe could enter the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool. According to the rules, the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool was opened biannually. Moreover, only three person could enter it each time.

In order to obtain these three spots, intense fights would break out in the Dragon tribe. The three who emerged victorious would be qualified to enter the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool. Moreover, the biggest problem...

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