Chapter 1105: Resolving the Devil Sea Problem

Chapter 1105: Resolving the Devil Sea Problem

Standing at the edge of the churning Devil Sea, Yuan Qian and the rest stared at it with tensed expressions. With the flow of time, the stress on their faces also grew increasingly intense. Moreover, there was also a little anxiety surfacing on their faces.

“Father, why is there still no news from him…” The black clothed young lady was eventually unable to resist as she involuntarily asked. There was a hint of anxiety in her eyes. After all, this matter affected their entire Dragon tribe.

“He should have passed through the Devil Sea and entered the Devil Suppressing Prison below.” Yuan Qian slowly said.

“Entered the Devil Suppressing Prison? Even tribe leader cannot enter that place.” A Dragon tribe elder exclaimed in shock. Clearly, he had decent knowledge about the Devil Suppressing Prison.

Yuan Qian nodded in agreement. Back then, he once tried to enter that Devil Suppressing Prison. However, he ended up in a relatively miserable state. Moreover, the faint auras present within the Devil Suppressing Prison terrified even his present self. Additionally, he had also once went to look for those old monsters in the tribe, who were usually in a cultivation...

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