Chapter 1104: Darkness Master

Chapter 1104: Darkness Master

Within the dark and silent depths of Devil Suppressing Prison, Lin Dong watched as the slim figure slowly opened her ice-cold eyes while his expression became exceptionally grave. At this very moment, he could clearly feel an indescribably frightening aura slowly spreading from the body on the black throne.

The aura quickly covered the entire Devil Suppressing Prison and those countless darkness towers released buzzing sounds. The roars that originally emitted from within them were now trembling and accompanied by fear.

The Darkness Master.

Her imposing aura was still present after tens of thousands of years, and even the powerful and terrifying Yimo would shudder before her. From this, one could tell just how shockingly powerful the eight great masters from back then were.

“Is this the aura of the eight ancient masters…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. His eyes contained complicated emotions. Just the Darkness Master alone was already this terrifying. It was really difficult to imagine just what it would be like when the strongest of the eight ancient masters, the Ice Master, awakened.

“Who are you?”

While these complicated feelings swirled in Lin Dong’s heart, the slim figure on the throne slowly lowered her head, her ice-cold black eyes pausing on his body. Under her gaze, Lin Dong felt the circulation of Yuan Power within his body come to a halt.



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