Chapter 1103: Devil Suppressing Prison

Chapter 1103: Devil Suppressing Prison


A figure with criss-crossing black lightning flew over the endless Demonic Qi Sea. Those surrounding Demonic Qi were eroded wherever he passed. However, each time these Demonic Qi made contact with the light barrier, it would form a sizzling sound. Two ancient Ancestral Symbols rotated slowly before they directly vaporized those Demonic Qi.

Within that light barrier, Lin Dong gently shut his eyes. As his Mental Energy spread, he tried to sense the location of the legendary Darkness Master within this Demonic Qi sea.

However, this probing did not lead to an immediate result. This Demonic Qi sea was vast. Moreover, the Demonic Qi permeating within it had also created a relatively big obstruction for Lin Dong. Hence, it was no easy matter to swiftly locate the Darkness Master hidden within.

“You have yet to reach the Devil Suppressing Prison. This Demonic Qi sea is merely something that seeped out from within the Devil Suppressing Prison. You need to penetrate through the Devil Sea in order to reach the Devil Suppressing Prison.” Yan slowly reminded Lin Dong after he made some some futile actions.

Lin Dong was speechless. He clenched his teeth together in the face of this fellow’s...

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