Chapter 1102: Troublesome

Chapter 1102: Troublesome

The faces of Yuan Qian and the rest dimmed upon hearing Lin Dong’s words. The former laughed bitterly, “Can young friend Lin Dong try to think of something? There must be a reason why Qing Zhi recommended you.”

Lin Dong also smiled bitterly before he sighed. He pointed at the vast and mighty endless Demonic Qi sea in front of him and said, “The Yimo Qi present has already reached an extremely terrifying level. Although I possess some methods, I am only at the initial Profound Death stage. The formation set up by your Dragon tribe is already extremely powerful. Yet, if such a powerful formation is unable to suppress the Yimo Qi, what can I possibly do?”

Lin Dong was indeed speaking the truth. The situation in front of him had already exceeded the limit in which he could deal with. The formation above that suppressed the Yimo Qi, was something that the Dragon tribe had created with all their might and it was extremely powerful. What could he possibly do if such a powerful formation failed to suppress them?

Yuan Qian’s group looked at Lin Dong’s expression and knew that he was telling the truth. Immediately, all of them descended into silence. In fact, there...

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